CAT Winder

The Arens CAT Winder is ideally used for skylights, roof windows and top hinged windows. This allows for mounting of the CAT Winder with the eyelet pointing downwards enabling operation with the extension pole. With hot air rising towards your roof windows and skylights it is the ideal window winder to allow this hot air to escape and the room be naturally ventilated.

The CAT Winder can also be used to operate low level top-hinged windows with a handle.

For the CAT Winder to be installed on high level (out of reach) awning windows, an inverter bracket will be required so that the eyelet can be hooked into when using the extension pole to operate the window.



  • Maximum window opening of 260 mm
  • Can be used on windows with insect screens
  • Quick and easy installation and a quick release pin in chain to allow cleaning of window
  • Suitable for windows over 300 mm high, refer to specifications below for maximum window weights

CAT winder




  • Ideal for operation of skylights, roof windows and top hinged windows
  • Extension pole can extend up to 3m and allows for operation of high windows (ordered separately)
  • Available in white, black and light grey

Technical Specifications


CAT window winder

Arens CAT Winder Installed to a Roof Window


CAT winder dimensions

Part No.



Additional Information

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