Electric Range Overview

Arens International’s  range of electric remote window controls are an effective and efficient way of providing  passive or natural ventilation in buildings.

Our range of electric window controls is not only cost effective, but is sleek in design with a proven track record of reliability and longevity in both our chain and linear actuators. The Arens electric range allows various types of high level windows and louvres to be operated remotely, promoting natural ventilation in the building.

They are easy to operate from either a switch on the wall, interfaced to a BMS, or through an Arens Ventilation Control Panel which can be connected to a range of sensors including rain, wind, temperature or fire.

Our complete range of chain and linear actuators are suitable for natural ventilation systems. If your project is to incorporate a smoke ventilation system, we have a number of actuators that are suitable – please contact us for more information.

Our low profile, low cost Compact Electric Chain Winder is a perfect fit for many window types and has been installed in various key projects by Arens International.

Types of Actuators

Arens International has three different actuator ranges. There are cost effective actuators, with limited capability, through to actuators that may have the stroke, force, opening and closing speeds programmed before shipping.

Our range of electric chain actuators provide great flexibility with a variety or chain lengths, forces and speeds. This makes them ideal for a range of purposes and window sizes. For over 1200mm, two synchronised actuators can be installed to provide two points of contact and ensure there is no twisting of the window frame. Our range includes Arens, UCS and WindowMaster Chain Actuators.

Chain Actuators


Types of Actuators

The other types of actuators are linear actuators (or spindle actuators) that extend a fixed shaft. They are suitable for operating a range of different openings such as louvres, external vertical louvres, vents, dampers and awning windows. Our range includes Arens, UCS and WindowMaster Linear Actuators.

If you wish to use spindle actuators to operate an awning window, two will be required. One on either side of the window and a synchroniser controller is also required for safety, ensuring that should one actuator not operator the other is prohibited from operating immediately.

Spindle Actuators




Chain and Spindle Actuator Comparison




Building Management System Integration

When a building is operating a Building Management System, integrating the automated windows is essential to ensure that the natural and mechanical ventilation systems are operating in a complementary manner. The BMS will have the ability to operate the windows as it sees fit. This may be according to rain or high wind, differences in internal and external temperatures, at a pre-programmed time or based on other systems, such as the heating and cooling.

By having the automated windows integrated with the BMS, it will ensure increased energy efficiency and thermal comfort by ensuring that windows close on signal of heating or cooling. If carbon dioxide levels become too high, windows can be signalled to open a minimal amount to create and exhaust path whilst also ensuring that there is not large energy losses.

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BACnet Integration

BMS integration can occur in a number of ways, including;

  • Through a voltage free contact
  • WindowMaster FlexiSmoke™ Controller (BACnet and KNX)
  • Through our UCS BMSline actuators and BACnet Controller

When using a controller from our range it is possible to achieve two way communication. This means that not only will the BMS signal the windows to operate, but additionally it allows precise position control and feedback for all automated windows, early fault indication. If required, it is possible for remote monitoring of the natural ventilation system to occur. Voltage free contact will allow the BMS to operate the automated windows, but two way communication is not possible without a controller.

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