Arens Automatic Ventilation Controller

The Automatic Ventilation Controller coordinates the ventilation of multiple rooms by simultaneously controlling up to 8 additional Zone Controllers. A fully automated natural ventilation and night purge system (if required) can be provided using these controllers, whilst still offering the option of manual operation by the occupants through a Zone Controller.

Windows are opened and closed depending upon control calendar, time of day, rain, wind speed, and internal and external temperature.

The complete range of Arens Electric Chain Winders and Linear Actuators are compatible with the Arens Automatic Ventilation Controller.

  • A fully adaptable automated system
  • Power to operate the panel is either through a 1.5 A plug pack or connection to power output of Arens Relay Module.
  • Easily configurable to individual site requirements by onsite personnel
  • Provides automatic window control systems based on various environmental readings
  • Has time and date functionality with battery backup
  • Offers additional functions such as ‘night purge’, and close after hours, when rain is detected or when wind speed threshold is exceeded
  • Can change operating characteristics according to season, day-of-week, hours of day and even school term dates

The Automatic Ventilation Control is mounted in a Clipsal Series 2000 flush switch plate enabling easy mounting to interior walls.



  • External temperature – Arens temperature sensor that is adjusted to trigger when the external temperature exceeds a preset figure.
  • Fire alarm – this will open or close the windows on fire signal.
  • Master Lock– signals all windows to close
  • Rain sensor– will close windows when rain is detected.
  • Wind– the controller measures the wind speed and closes the window when the wind speed exceeds the value programmed in the controller

The Automated Ventilation Controller comes with:

  • Wind sensor
  • Rain sensor
  • External temperature sensor

You must order one or more Zone Controller units in order to operate this ventilation controller.

Power to operate the panel is through a 1.5 a plug pack supplied with each unit. A GPO is required adjacent to the panel (normally installed in the switchboard cupboard or on a wall in a secure location).

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