WindowMaster Overview

WindowMaster provides a wide range of smoke, hybrid and natural ventilation systems ranging in size and complexity.

The ideal solution for your project is dependent on a number of parameters, including building design and size, your specific needs and requirements for integration with other systems such as smoke ventilation and blind control.

The minimal configuration consists of a MotorController that controls either  an electric window chain actuator or a linear actuator.

The actuators incorporate MotorLink™ Technology, enabling their position to be controlled to the millimetre, as well as dynamically changing the stroke length depending upon weather conditions or time of day.

The MotorControllers, also incorporate MotorLink™ Technology and are responsible for controlling the speed of the actuator, as well as receiving status information such as it’s current position, any faults or if an obstruction has been encountered during operation.

All MotorControllers allow control using simple switch closures locally or through BMS protocols BACnet or KNX.

The BMS may instruct the MotorControllers to operate the actuators to perform a range of functions such as; open to the window a specific percentage, set the maximum open stroke, control the speed of the actuator or the retrieve the current status of the actuator.

The FlexiSmoke Controller (BACnet and KNX compatible versions) can provide 72 hour battery backup, as well as integrating with the fire control panel. This means that even on loss of power, all actuators can be signalled to close to ensure security of the building is maintained.

The FlexiSmoke may also be configured to close all actuators should there be a loss of power.