WindowMaster NV Systems and BMS Integration

The large range of WindowMaster electric chain winders and linear actuators allow high level windows and louvres to be operated. But, it is also important to consider the level of functionality you wish to have when it comes to your natural ventilation or smoke ventilation system.

The WindowMaster range provides natural ventilation systems that can operate independent of, partially or fully controlled by a Building Management System.

When it comes to smoke ventilation systems a controlled or automatic system will be required to allow integration with fire or smoke alarms.

A solution can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your project.  A number of the options are outlined below.

Simple System

Operating independent of a BMS

  • The simplest form of window automation can occur when the actuators operate in two wire mode, and simply open or close as signalled by an occupant pressing a button.
  • If you require additional features such as precise position control and feedback , early indication and online parameter set up, MotorLink™ MotorControllers and MotorLink™ Actuators should be selected.

Controlled System

Integrated with BACnet

  • There can be direct communication from the BMS to the MotorControllers that are controlling the actuators, signalling them to either open or close the windows according to when the BMS sees appropriate. This may be when temperature or CO2 set points and exceeded for example or they may be manually operated.
  • To make integration possible with BACnet the following products will be required
    • FlexiSmoke™ BACnet Controller (WSC 520)
    • MotorController BACnet (WBC 16M)
    • The appropriate actuators to operate your windows or louvres
    • Batteries (if you require fail-safe battery back-up)

Integrated with KNX

  • There can be direct communication from the BMS to the MotorControllers that are controlling the actuators.
  • To make integration possible the following products will be required
    • FlexiSmoke™ KNX Controller (WSC 520)
    • Motor Controller KNX (WEC 16M)
    • The appropriate actuators to operate your windows or louvres
    • Batteries (if you require fail-safe battery back-up)

Automatic System

Incorporating NV Comfort

  • The NV Comfort is a bus-based solution that is KNX compatible. Operation with BACnet is possible using a gateway.
  • It can integrate with a BMS. This means that the NV Comfort will control the natural ventilation, heating, cooling and shading of the building to provide the occupant with a higher level of thermal comfort.
  • The NV Comfort can also act as the BMS and control the natural ventilation, heating, cooling and shading, as well as having inputs available for communication with other systems, such as security.
  • It can report back to the BMS to provide information on the status of all the systems that it is controlling.
  • The NV Comfort must be used in conjunction with WindowMaster MotorLink™ Window Actuators and MotorControllers. This means it will receive precise position control and feedback, three speed operation and all the additional MotorLink features that allow finer ventilation control.

BMS Integration for Intelligent Natural Ventilation

There is increased demand for the development of highly intelligent buildings. Owners want a building that is sophisticated and highly energy efficient with the potential to reduce operating costs, whilst also providing the occupants with a high level of thermal comfort.

The benefits of an intelligent building include:

  • Optimised building performance and functionality
  • Automated control and enhanced monitoring of building systems through a single platform
  • Maximised operational and energy efficiency – resulting in decreased operating costs
  • Increased occupant productivity and thermal comfort

By integrating the natural ventilation system with the BMS, it can provide a much improved solution for both owners and occupants. If the natural ventilation is treated in isolation from the rest of the building services, occupant comfort can suffer and energy usage can be unnecessarily high. Environmental conditions are considered, along with the status of various other systems within the building, to determine the position of the windows to not only optimise internal conditions but energy efficiency and thermal comfort too.

Through the use of our BACnet and KNX Controllers two way communication can be achieved, providing improved monitoring and control of natural ventilation as well as an enhanced internal environment.

The controllers that Arens offer include:

When one of these three controllers is used it will allow for two way communication between the actuator controller and the Building Management System. This goes beyond integration with a voltage free contact, which will simply allow the window actuators to be operated by the BMS. With the use of one of these three controllers advanced features are available, such as:

  • Precise position control
  • Real-time position feedback
  • Command status
  • Early fault indication
  • Location in the building
  • Remote monitoring through an Ethernet connection

Please see the MotorLink™ page on our website for additional features. Our BACnet Integration blog also provides additional information, or alternatively feel free to contact us for more information.