Arens manufactures products using local suppliers as well as sourcing components and products from Asia and Europe that enables us to provide a wide range of products for natural ventilation and smoke control systems.

To supplement our range of products we have formed partnerships with two of Europe’s premier window automation companies.


Ultraflex Control Systems

Ultraflex Control Systems, based in Italy is a leading company in the manufacture of window remote control systems. Founded in 1950 with the manufacture of manual remote controls the company now provides a range of electric remote controls and heat and smoke extraction systems. Innovation, reliability and customer satisfaction are their aims.



WindowMaster A/S founded in 1990. Its vision is to create better buildings that have plenty of fresh air and excellent and safe indoor climates. Based in Denmark, the company supplies sustainable indoor climate solutions for all types of buildings based on natural forces – natural ventilation. They have many years of experience in providing smoke ventilation solutions that comply with European EN standards.

Industry Associations

Arens International is proud to have industry associations with the following organisations:
Green Building Council of Australia

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) aims to develop a sustainable property industry for Australia by encouraging the adoption of green building practices, such as Natural Ventilation. Arens is proud to have an association with the GBCA and strive to promote sustainability and energy efficiency.


KNX provides an effective medium for the exchange of information and synchronisation between building control and automation systems. Arens International have two certified KNX Installers, allowing us to provide  integration between our natural ventilation systems and other KNX building automation and control systems.

Master Builders Association of Victoria

The Master Builders Association of Victoria is intent on raising the standards within the building industry, fostering best practice work standards and acting as an independent  advisory service. Arens is proud to maintain a long standing industry association and aims to promote best practice work standards.