UCS Vega Chain Winder Range

The UCS Vega Chain Winder range incorporates two highly flexible remote window winders, allowing for the operation of regular and wide high level windows. The Vega Synchro has built in synchronisers to make it possible to mount multiple operators to a single sash without the risk of the window twisting.

They can be operated by the occupant using a simple wall mounted switch, any of the Arens Ventilation Controllers or C-bus and other Building Management Systems to provide the ideal natural ventilation system for your project.

Vega Chain Winder

This heavy-duty chain winder features a strong, stainless steel, double link chain that exits from the centre of the casing with a stroke of up to 300mm.

  • The Vega chain winder is housed in a narrow line section – 45 mm x 32 mm, with a strong stainless steel chain exiting from the centre
  • The chain winder comes with 1.5m of cable and pivot brackets as standard
  • Suitable for installation in Smoke and Heat Extraction Systems
  • The chain winder is available in a light grey and black powdercoat – or white is available on a special indent
  • Chain can be shortened to 50mm to meet Australian Safety Standards

For windows over 1200mm wide we recommend the use of Vega Synchro Chain Winders. This provides two points of attachment to prevent bending and twisting of the frame and comply with manufacturer recommendations.


Vega Synchro Chain Winder

  • Synchro version is equipped with an integrated speed synchronisation control board that allows the mounting a maximum of four Synchro Vega on a sash
  • Should one winder stop all other synchronised winders stop immediately to ensure there is no twisting of the window frame
  • Like the Vega Chain Winder, it contains a stainless steel chain and can be restricted to 50mm to meet Australian Safety Standards if required



The Vega DC F-Signal can also be open and closed feedback signal (free potential, maintained contact), which is activated by the current limit.

Vega BMSline PLUS

  • Supplied with a 3M eight wire (voltage supply, synchorisation, local switch)
  • Pre-installed connector on the external side of the actuator for the connection to the set-up kit
  • Parameter set-up can occur before or during installation on site
  • Can be installed for Natural Ventilation
  • Local switching and synchronisation with other actuators on the same window also possible

Vega BMSline ADV

  • Supplied with a 3M three wire cable (voltage supply, synchronisation, local switch) and a 3M five wire cable (RS485 – Modbus RTU)
  • Parameter setting can be done before, during or after installation
  • Can be installed for Natural Ventilation
  • Local switching and synchronisation with other actuators on the same window is possible
  • Integration with Building Management Systems takes place through a gateway

Technical Specifications




  • Ideal for domestic and commercial use.
  • May be used on windows of any level or in banks of windows.
  • Synchro model used for windows wider that 1200mm.
  • When required chains may be shortened to meet Australian safety standards.
  • Integrates with all Arens Ventilation Controllers.

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