Power Supplies

A number of different power supplies are available to power the linear or chain actuators chosen to operate your high level windows.

All the power supplies that Arens use have short circuit, overload, over voltage and over temperature protection. When the power supply is not under load it uses less than 0.5W, this reduces the power consumption while the actuators are not in use.



Power Adapters

Power suppliers are connected to a GPO via power lead, however the 24V 1A plugs directly into the GPO.

They are suitable for small installations using the Arens Actuator Controller or Arens Relay Controller.


Technical Specifications



DIN Rail Power Supply Wall Mount

DIN rail power supplies for mounting into electrical cabinets. Especially useful when high capacity is required for a large number of actuators.

The power supplies are able to provide 150% of capacity for a short duration to assist in overcoming any peak actuator start up current demands.

It is recommended that Arens DIN Rail Actuator Controllers are used with DIN Rail Power Supplies.


Technical Specifications



Additional Information 

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