Systems that work with the Environment

Green buildings are not just about energy efficiency and sustainable practices, they must also provide superior user comfort. It takes innovative design, efficient construction, and close co-ordination with component  suppliers to achieve the most effective outcomes for all stakeholders.

Natural ventilation is an essential part of successful green building. We’ve designed the products in the Arens Green range to be high efficiency, low emission solutions that will keep your building free of the problems caused by temperature, humidity and airborne pollutants.

The Ventilation Control Systems in our green range use the principles of natural or passive ventilation to create airflow by automatically adjusting window openings, through the use of remote window controls and  accounting for environmental factors such as temperature, rain and wind.

The Green Range lets you close the windows when it is cold, open the windows when it warms up, link the window operation to a temperature, rain or wind sensors or control the windows through a BMS.

Arens Automated Ventilation Controls are designed to be incorporated into any existing or planned project in order to help increase airflow and comfort levels, and reduce the concentration of common pollutants.

Many of the techniques we have developed are incorporated into today’s leading construction design processes, including the ‘night purge’ system that is often employed in schools. Through the manipulation of low voltage chain or linear actuators, the Arens system purges classrooms of heat build-up and allows replacement by cooler air at night. This creates more comfortable temperatures, a better working environment, and can drastically reduce energy consumption and associated costs.

By using Arens Automated Ventilation Controls in each separate building, you can program heating, cooling, and mechanical ventilation systems so that they do not need to operate continuously – making them more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Our systems further reduce operating costs for opening and closing windows by using components that are designed to operate at low power consumption: so they use low voltage, draw low current, and only when the windows are actually moving.

All our products and components are manufactured in Australia using recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible. Our zinc and aluminium castings are in recycled raw material and can be re-cycled again. Our steel components are recyclable. Our molded polymers are recyclable. And none of our products or components use environmentally hazardous materials or emissions.

The products we source from our overseas partners meet the environmental requirements of the EU – these requirements are mandatory and therefore not subject to any certification.