Arens Midi & Mini Operators with Chainheads

The Arens Mini and Midi Operators are light duty remote window winder that are capable of opening single sashes.  They are ideal for operating windows in domestic settings as they are unobtrusive and easy to install.

In a domestic setting, the Midi and Mini can provide an alternative to the MDCR when looking for a remote window winder for a high level window. Once installed they allow the occupant to open and close the window as they desire, providing natural ventilation for the room without the need for electricity.

Mechanically, they both perform the same function, but the elongated cover on the Midi hides the run off tube that comes from the bottom of the Mini operator.

Arens Mini Operator with Chainhead

  • A light duty operator used on single sashes
  • Ideal for domestic use
  • The operator can be adapted to open sliding sashes
  • Unobtrusive and simple to install
  • Finished in white (black and light grey available on special indent)
  • There will be some run off tube coming from the bottom of the Mini Operator  in the application diagram below


Arens Midi Operator with Chainhead

  • The Midi operator is mechanically the same as the Mini Operator
  • The elongated cover hides the run off tube coming down from the bottom operator.
  • Finished in white (black and light grey available on special indent)





MINI and MIDI Typical Application with Chainhead


MIDI Part List




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