Arens Zone Controller

The Zone Controller is connected to Arens Automatic Ventilation Controller for integrated ventilation control.

The Zone Controller uses environmental information sent by the Automatic Ventilation Controller and the internal temperature sensor to determine if the windows are to be open or closed. The windows may also be manually operated by the occupants pressing the open or close button.


  • Low-force tactile switches
  • Provides either momentary switching for partial operation or latch switching to allow for one-touch operation
  • Has indicators that show the direction of actuator operation
  • Is available in portrait or landscape
  • May control up to forty Arens relay boards
  • Mounted in a Clipsal Series 2000 flush switch plate enabling easy mounting to interior walls
  • Provides two additional inputs that you may connect to other functions such as presence sensor, CO2 sensor, heating/cooling system or lighting controls.




  • Internal temperature– Arens temperature sensor that is used to determine if the room’s windows are to be opened or closed.
  •  Three additional configurable inputs


  •  Open– pull to ground when open is requested for up to forty-five seconds.
  • Close– pull to ground when close is requested for up to forty-five seconds.

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