Ventilation Controllers

Arens Ventilation Control Systems can be tailored to naturally ventilate a whole building, part of a building or specified zones. They can also be directed by various building management systems, such as air conditioning, lighting control, security system or integrated fire systems, to either open or close the windows when required.

Controlling Ventilation Naturally

Arens Ventilation Control Systems use the principles of ‘natural ventilation’, to assist airflow by either manually or automatically adjusting the window opening according to environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, rain and wind.

Inadequate ventilation in a building leads to the build-up of heat, moisture and chemicals that may cause health problems for the building’s occupants. Natural ventilation is a preferable system to modern heating and air conditioning systems as it assists in achieving a higher air quality.

Modern approaches to design have recognised the importance of airflow in achieving higher thermal comfort levels and increased productivity, therefore, leading to ventilation standards for preventing an excess accumulation of airborne contaminants in the home, school or workplace.

Arens Ventilation Controls are designed to be incorporated into any existing or conceived project to assist with increase of airflow, comfort levels and reduce the concentration of common pollutants.

Arens International has developed many techniques over the years that are in line with the recognised leading design processes, such as the ‘night purge’ system that is often employed in schools. Through the manipulation of low voltage actuators, the Arens system purges the room of heat build-up and allows replacement by cooler air at night. These systems result in more comfortable temperatures and can drastically reduce energy consumption and associated costs.

Fire System Integration

Arens Ventilation Control Systems may be configured to either open or close when fire is signalled. When a fire signal is detected the control systems ignores all other inputs until the fire signal is removed.

We can also provide fire rated window actuators and other support components to ensure your windows still open or close even when power is lost.

Building Management System Integration

Arens Ventilation Controllers are designed to integrate with your Building Management System and operate under its full control, partial control, or they can run independently of your BMS. Availability of a voltage free contact can make BMS integration possible. You can also program them to provide the BMS with status information as to the windows being open or closed.

Ventilation Controller Comparison

Arens have a range of ventilation controllers  with different features for different applications. You’ll find the major features and technical specs here – for more details please ask to see their respective brochures.

Smart Switch

Provides low-force tactile switches that can signal actuators to open and close windows on command. The switches may function as either momentary switching for partial operation, or latch switching to allow for one-touch operation. Master open and close inputs are provided that may be used to request the Smart Switch to open or close the windows.

Smart Switch WR Controller

Supports rain and wind sensors that signal the Smart Switch WR to close the windows when rain is detected or the wind speed exceeds a preset setting, either 15, 20 or 25Km/Hr  (configurable on site). Two additional inputs available to co-ordinate with other systems such as fire and lock controls. In a standalone configuration, the inputs can be used for rain and wind sensors as well as a master open/close function. Other inputs can be used for the support of CO2 detectors, light detectors and room occupancy detectors.

Automatic Controller & Zone Controller

Coordinates the ventilation of multiple room/zones with zone controllers (up to 8 additional zone controllers). The automatic controller sends environmental details such as external temperature, rain detected and current time to each zone controller. The zone controller uses this and temperature information within the zone to determine position of the windows either automatically or manually.

WindowMaster NV Comfort

Arens also have available the WindowMaster NV Comfort™ ventilation system that provides additional features that enables finer control of the natural ventilation of a building, class room or home. It uses the KNX building automation protocol that enables it to easily integrate with other KNX components within the building such as lighting and air conditioning. Refer to the WindowMaster product line.

Automatic Ventilation Comparison

The Arens range of smart controllers provides manual ventilation control with optional auto close for excessive wind or rain.The Arens Automatic Ventilation and Zone controllers enables control of up to 8 zones of actuators. The controller automatically modulates the windows based on the differences between the internal zone temperature and external temperature, wind speed, rain, time of year (season) and time of day.The window opening or closing may also be overridden manually during operating hours and if there are no wind or rain alarms.



1. Room temperature and humidity sensor required.
2. Room temperature, humidity and CO2 sensor required.


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