Actuator Controllers

There are two actuator controllers that are available for use with 24VDC actuators. You may connect up to eight actuators in parallel as long as the total load does not exceed 6A.

All controllers have:

  • Polarity protection for 24Vdc connection
  • Resettable short circuit protection
  • Indicators when actuators are opening or closing
  • Socketed connection to enable easy disconnection without need for tools

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Actuator Controller Wall Mount

Wall mounted controller ideal for locating near actuators within ceiling space or cavity wall.

Should be used with either 2.5 or 5A power adapters.


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Actuator Controller DIN Rail Wall Mount

DIN Rail Wall Mount Controller that is three DIN rail units in size. Easily connected to DIN Rail Power Supplies within a wiring cabinet.

Actuator controller features:

  • Configured for either momentary or latching operation.
  • Relay turns off when actuator reaches end of its travel or after sixty seconds
  • Running signal for integration with controllers to indicate that actuators have reached end of stroke
  • Safety control to remove power on short circuit or if the actuator duty cycle is exceeded. Automatic reset when open or close input signal removed

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