Manual Range Overview

The original window remote control, our manual range still offers the most economical way of operating high level windows.

Arens manual window controls are the ideal solution when impact on the environment is a primary concern. Being hand operated they do not require any electricity to operate.

Their robust construction and long life span makes our range of manual controls perfect for use in schools and other high-traffic, heavy duty applications. Once installed they require minimal maintenance.

Passive ventilation is an important factor to consider in all building types. It has the potential to not only make a building more comfortable for occupants by exhausting the hot and stale air, but also reduce the reliance on mechanical forms of ventilation.

Our manual range provides solutions for multiple window types, such as awning or casement windows and louvres. It also allows windows at any height or in banks to be controlled by a single operator, such as the Arens MDCR and Chainheads.

Roof windows and skylights can also be remotely operated with the Arens CAT Winder.