Arens Maxi Operator

The Arens Maxi Operator is a heavy duty window winder that is capable of opening multiple sashes with Arens Chainheads. It can also operate banks of louvres with the Louvre Screw Jack. The building occupants can open and close windows are they see fit, promoting natural ventilation and improved indoor air quality.

The Maxi Operator is capable of operating up to six high level windows with minimum effort. Sashes can be operated in tandem to the left and right of the operator, providing a wide range of possible configurations and minimising the number of winders required.

They require no electricity to operate so provide a highly efficient and cost effective way of not only opening windows, but also naturally ventilating the building.


  • A heavy duty operator able to open multiple sashes using chainhead or louvre screw jacks
  • Able to open up to 6 sashes with minimum effort
  • Sashes can be operated in tandem to the left and right of the operator
  • Finished in pearl white, annotec silver grey or satin black


Arens Maxi Operator Application with Chainheads



                                                                   2 x LH & RH TANDEM INSTALLATION

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