Arens Screw Jack

The Arens Screw Jack is the ideal solution when small window movement with a low loading is desired. It is commonly used to operate banks of louvres, allowing natural ventilation to occur in the chosen room or zone.

They are a cable driven which promotes trouble free operation for many years in elevated and remote openings.

With the flexibility to be driven either manually or electrically they are ideal when you are after an operator to provide small openings for high level windows spanning over an extended distance.

When driving the Screw Jack manually, the Arens Maxi or MDCR Operators are recommended. If you wish to drive the Arens Screw Jack electrically, this can be done using the Arens Spindle Actuator or UCS Ulysses Linear Actuator.


screw jack

screw jack on louvre windows
screwjack dimensions

Screw Jack Dimensions


Part No.


Arens Screw Jack Application with Maxi Operator

screw jack with chain winder


Part No.


For each Screw Jack two Joiner Kits are required

Additional Information

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