WindowMaster NV Comfort™


A simple indoor climate solution

NV Comfort™ signals chain or linear actuators, to automatically open or close louvres, façade or roof windows by incremental amounts. This allows a finer degree of control over natural ventilation and an improved ability to achieve desired room temperature and CO2 levels.

NV Comfort™ is a bus-based solution for KNX, making it simple for a trained electrician to install and operate. If you wish to operate the NV Comfort™ with BACnet, this is made possible with the use of a gateway – please contact us for more information.


Setting of the desired room temperature and CO2 levels can be done individually for each room from one central location in the building via the NV Comfort™ touch screen. At any time the user can open or close the window via a keypad within the room. After a pre-defined time, the system will return to automatic control.



MotorLink™ technology is used in the NV Comfort™ and enables the system to register the opening distance of each window. It also means that windows can be opened  at three different speeds, and will stop and open immediately if impeded during closing. See the MotorLink™ section of our website for more information.


In addition to ensuring an optimum indoor climate, NV Comfort™ is able to make buildings more energy-efficient. It allows different installations in the building, such as natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation, heat control and sunshades, to be controlled centrally. The interaction between these systems reduces a building’s energy consumption.

NV Comfort™ is available in two versions: NV Comfort™ Standard and NV Comfort™ Plus.

The differences are; the NV Comfort™ Standard will only control the Heating, as opposed to the complete HVAC systems as the NV Comfort™ Plus will do. The NV Comfort™ Plus is also capable of controlling the sunshading of the building. As can be seen in the table below, they can both control the Natural Ventilation of the building.

Natural Ventilation

A healthy and comfortable indoor climate is ensured through the automatic control of the opening of skylights and façade windows. The size of the window openings and the frequency of opening are configured based on pre-defined parameters of; indoor temperature, CO2 levels and humidity and taking into account measurements of outdoor temperature, wind speed and rain.  It is also possible to configure predefined airing or night purging times.

Control of Heating

NV Comfort™ Standard and Plus can signal the heating to be turned on or off based on pre-defined temperature set points. This can help ensure a higher level of occupant comfort and a more stable room temperature during heating and ventilation.

Control of HVAC

NV Comfort™ Plus can also control the HVAC system so that the heating or cooling is turned on or off based on predefined temperature set points. This is particularly important if the number and size of the buildings windows is not sufficient to achieve an optimal indoor climate. This interaction between the natural ventilation and HVAC systems will reduce the buildings energy consumption.

Sunlight Protection 

The sun screening function in the NV Comfort™ Plus allows Venetian blinds and awnings to be controlled automatically. The position of the sun can be continually adapted to the prevailing lighting and heating situation in a room. This allows an optimal use and exploitation of the sun screening product as well as optimising the use of solar thermal energy. The actual control is based on measurements of lux and temperature.

NV Comfort™ Standard and NV Comfort™ Plus Comparison


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