The WindowMaster range of sensors are incorporated into a natural ventilation system to promote a greater degree of control, safety and/or energy efficiency.

Rain and wind sensors will ensure that if unfavourable weather conditions develop outside, a signal is sent to window actuators to close the appropriate windows immediately.

Temperature, CO2 and Relative Humidity sensors relay environmental information to help ensure that an optimal indoor climate is achieved through natural ventilation.

Presence sensors can be installed for a wide range of purposes, increasing energy efficiency by allowing various building automation systems to be shut down when the room is not occupied, and this can include the closure of high level windows or louvres with actuators.

Rain and Wind Sensor KNX


Combined rain and wind Sensor that can be incorporated into WindowMaster smoke ventilation and natural ventilation systems.

  • 24V AC/DC sensor for the automatic closure of windows in the case of rain or wind speed limits being exceeded
  • Complete with mounting brackets
  • DIP switch for parameter setting
  • Measurement for wind: via wind wheel (measured in m/s)
  • Measurement for rain: conductivity measurement on the heated sensor surface
  • The settings sensitivity and the delay are programmable.

Technical Specifications





Temperature, CO2 and Relative Humidity Sensor KNX

WET 112

Indoor sensor for measuring temperature, CO2 level and the relative humidity.

  • Temperature is measured between 0-40°C
  • CO2 level is measured between 300-9999ppm
  • Relative humidity is measured between 0% -100%
  • The measurements are sent directly via the KNX bus

The sensor has two 4-coloured LED’s to show the CO2 and relative humidity level:

  • CO2 level is shown in green, yellow, orange or red
  • Relative humidity level is shown in yellow, green, red or blue

Technical Specifications






PIR Ceiling (Presence Detector)

WEO 112

  • Passive infra-red presence detector
  • Ideal for automatic lighting control and HVAC applications
  • Communicates with actuators via KNX
  • Mounted at 2.8m, motion detection up to 4m
  • Multiple detectors can be operated to extend the detection zone if required
  • Designed for ceiling mounting

Technical Specifications



Additional Information

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