Key Projects

A variety of our recent projects are outlined briefly below. We have recently completed projects involving KNX and BACnet integration, installation of Arens Automatic Ventilation Controls, HVAC and REED switch integration as well as some large manual remote control installations.

Learning Comms, Science and Sports Precinct, Victoria University – Footscray

Installation of 169 Vega Electric Chain Winders to sashes and corridors and façade. They are connected to the BMS and programmed for natural ventilation and smoke control.

Adelaide Advertiser
The Advertiser Building – Adelaide

Installation of Arens Electric Mini Actuators to operate the louvres in the façade. They are interfaced with the BMS to provide light and heat control.

Water lily pavillion 1
Water Lily Pavilion,  Adelaide Botanic Gardens – Adelaide, SA

Installation of Twin Master Electric Chain Winders to highlight sashes. They are connected to temperature and humidity sensors to control window openings and allow the desired internal environment conditions to be maintained.

05 Caroline Springs Civic Centre & Library
Caroline Springs Civic Centre and Library – Caroline Springs

Installation of 50 Vega Electric Chain Winders to highlight sashes. They are integrated with the BMS and programmed to open or close when temperature set points are met.

Berwick grammar 1
Berwick Grammar School, the Boy’s Campus of St. Margaret’s School – Berwick

Installation of Arens Electric Chain Winders to highlight sashes in classrooms and the gym. One classroom is connected to Automatic Ventilation Control Panel with rain and temperature sensors as well as being integrated with the building HVAC system and having a night purge system.

Ark Apartments – Richmond

Installation of Arens Mini Actuators to louvres with fail safe power supply. The louvres are connected to the fire control system and programmed to open on signal of a fire.

The Kings School, Science Building – North Parramatta, NSW

Installation of over 200 WindowMaster actuators, NV Comfort Controllers and 13 FlexiSmoke™ units that are integrated with KNX. Remote monitoring of the 36 ventilation zones is occurring. Integration with the HVAC system and presence detectors to provide increased energy efficiency and occupant thermal comfort.

Parkdale Intergenerational Community Hub – Parkdale

Installation of 36 Arens Compact Chain Winders to all awning windows within the clerestory. As well as installation of one Arens Automatic Ventilation Controller allowing integration with the HVAC system and REED switches. Natural ventilation in daylight hours and the night purge mode are controlled by time clock. This project is also known as the Parkdale Family and Children’s Centre.

Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Boys Middle School – Keilor

Installation of over 80 MDCR 212 operators and 120 Chainheads took place in the East and West Buildings located in the Boys Middle School. This allowed for manual operation of highlight awning windows by occupants, promoting passive ventilation in the relevant rooms.

Padua College, Tyabb Campus – Tyabb

Installation of over 50 Arens Compact Chain Winders in the administration building, class rooms and the library. Five Arens Automatic Ventilation Controllers and associated Zone Controllers were installed. Natural Ventilation is programmed to occur during daytime hours and night purging mode after hours.

Cardinia Shire Civic Centre – Officer

Installation of 230 Vega Synchro Actuators to highlight awning windows across multiple levels as well as BMS integration through voltage free contact. This project also has battery back-up and fire rated cable installed. Additionally, the electrically operated louvres are connected to Arens control panels, allowing them to integrate with the BMS.

St. Catherine’s School, Senior School Building – Toorak

Arens MDCR 212 operators and chainheads were installed to operate highlight awning windows in the Senior School Building. Occupants can manually open and close windows as desired, promoting passive ventilation in the relevant rooms.

Melton North West Primary School, Games Hall and East and West Buildings – Melton

Installation of over 120 Arens Compact Chain Winders and and over 20 Arens Smart Switch Controllers. This project also incorporates Master Time Clocks which control the night purge mode in all three buildings. The automated louvres are connected to Arens control panels, meaning they are incorporated in the night purge system, or they can be operated during daytime hours using the relevant Smart Switches.