Spindle Actuator 600N

WMS 306-n

This strong WindowMaster linear actuator is suitable for roof openings and louvre operation, in both smoke ventilation and natural ventilation systems.

To be used together with ±24V control units or MotorLink™ MotorControllers.

Synchronisation of up to 4 window actuators is possible – there is no need for an external synchronisation module. Genuine position feedback and 3 speed operation are also possible when using  MotorLink™ MotorControllers.

The electronics in this actuator can be programmed to suit specific requirements – i.e. pressure and traction force, stroke, speed and sound level.

The actuator has an integrated reverse function to ensure a prolonged life span of the window gaskets.



This actuator is equipped with an electric overload switch.

Brackets and fastenings to be ordered separately.

Technical Specifications



Additional Information

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