TA 1000 Torque Arm System

The Arens TA 1000 Torque Arm System provides great safety and flexibility, capable of remotely operating high level top hinged windows and louvres. Multiple sashes can be opened simultaneously for natural ventilation of the building or room, allowing for quicker change over of air and an improved internal environment

Operation can be either manually through the MDCR 212 Operator or electrically through the Arens Spindle Actuator or UCS Ulysses Linear Actuator.

The TA1000 Torque Arm System operates 4500mm sashes and vents in the Hong Kong Kwai Chung container terminal. Half of which are actuated to open on signal of smoke.

When driven electrically, it can be coupled with smoke or fire detectors for automatic opening, or to a building management system.

torque arm system

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Torque Arm System Application with Top Hinged Windows



Torque Arm System Application with Louvre Windows


Torque_Arm_System_application_With_ Louvre_Windows


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