Making High Level Windows Operable

Have you got high level windows that you cannot reach to operate?

The need to open these windows can become very evident in the warmer months. It provides a cost effective means of exhausting hot stale air from your building and replacing it with fresh air. Passive cooling is promoted and the occupants can experience a greatly improved internal environment and in turn, higher levels of thermal comfort.

The operation of high level windows can result in significant energy savings, whether it is in a school, home or office. Particularly in the warmer months, by allowing the build-up of hot and stale air to escape from the building a more comfortable internal environment can be achieved. It can also see the activation of air conditioning delayed. As air conditioners can make up a significant proportion of building operating costs, even small reductions in their use can amount to significant savings.

Natural ventilation also plays an important role in the health of building occupants. If stale air is not removed from the building not only can drowsiness result, but in some cases symptoms such as headaches, a sore through or irritated eyes. These symptoms can result in not only reduced comfort but also a fall in productivity.


Arens International specialise in both manual and electric controls for remote windows. These can be used to operate various types of high level windows and louvres in both new and existing buildings.

Our manual range incorporates a wide range of operators for single, multiple and wide sashes. They are reliable and cost effective, requiring no electricity and very minimal maintenance once installed.

Our electric range provides actuators for various types of windows and louvres. Windows can be operated simply, by an occupant using a wall mounted switch, or if a higher degree of automation is desired, our ventilation range can offer a controlled or automated solution.

Arens have an extensive range of solutions for single, multiple or wide sashes in both commercial and domestic buildings, as well as louvre automation options. We will consider factors such as the building type, occupant needs, window configuration and your budget to provide the most appropriate solution. With the ability to improve occupant comfort and reduce energy consumption, natural ventilation with Arens is an obvious choice. Please feel free to contact us for further information or advice.