Arens Smart Switch WR Controller

The Smart Switch WR may be used as a standalone unit, or networked with other Smart Switch WR Controllers to close on sensing rain or  when wind exceeds a pre-set limit.

This controller provides a level of control by ensuring that when conditions are unfavourable for natural ventilation a signal is sent to the relevant window actuators to close immediately. It is compatible with the complete range of Arens Electric Chain Winders and Linear Actuators.

  • Low force tactile switches
  • Provides either momentary switching for partial operation or latch switching to allow for one touch operation
  • Indicators show the direction of actuator operation
  • Is available in portrait or landscape
  • May control up to forty Arens relay boards
  • Provides two additional inputs that you may connect to other functions such as presence sensor, CO2 sensor, heating/cooling system or lighting controls

Default wind speed value is 20 km/h (may be altered to 15 km/h or 25 km/h in the field). If the wind speed signals the windows to close, they are prevented from opening for sixty seconds.

The Smart Switch WR Controller is mounted in a Clipsal Series 2000 flush switch plate enabling easy mounting to interior walls.



  • Rain sensor – will close windows when rain is detected.
  • Wind – The controller measures the wind speed and closes the window when it exceeds the pre-set speed.
  • Two additional configurable inputs
  • Open – pull to ground when open is requested for up to forty-five seconds.
  • Close – pull to ground when close is requested for up to forty-five seconds.

Power to operate the panel is either through a 1.5 A plug pack or connection to power output of Arens Relay Module.

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